Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

As a Platinum Approved Learning Partner we have built on the solid foundations and extensive 38 years of experience to enhance our ACCA programmes. In fact the success of our students is a strong indication that our approach isn't just more engaging, it's more successful too.

Why study ACCA with BPP?

BPP Momentum is our unique approach to learning that increases your chances of success.

  • Choose from a range of study methods to suit your learning style, including Online Classroom, and Online Classroom Live

  • We offer Lifetime Pass Assurance* when following our Pass Ready Solution. If you are unsuccessful in an exam, you can return to study the programme as many times as necessary.

  • We also offer Focus Sessions and comprehensive online learning activities with over 7 exam’s worth of questions for each paper and expert led recorded lectures – an invaluable way to prepare for your exams

  • We’ll help you track your progress via a personalised Achievement Ladder, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and providing targeted support.

  • Our expert tutors and Programme Advisors are behind you every step of the way. As professionals ourselves, we understand how best to guide and advise other professional people.

  • Our ACCA Approved Content gives you access to the best resources.

  • We’re the only training provider to offer free Professional Development courses** as part of our programme, for well-rounded development

New: ACCA Exam Sitting Information

With the introduction of additional ACCA Exam sittings we have range of Taught, Revision and Exam Practice courses available to book via our Online Classroom Live. Alternatively you can study via our integrated Online Classroom. Download our Dates and Prices for more information. Take a look at our Dates and Prices for more information.

Planning your ACCA studies

The four sittings will provide you with more flexibility to plan your studies and progress through the qualification, with quicker resits should the worse happen. Download our ACCA Guide to 4 sittings PDF.

ACCA Guide to 4 sittings (PDF)

BPP Momentum

Bringing BPP Momentum to life

BPP Momentum enhances every element of your learning experience ensuring you approach your exams with confidence. From the expert tutor led lectures to the support you receive, you can access your learning materials, receive additional support, interact with tutors and students, and track your progress all in one place with MyBPP – your own online area.

My Learning

The dedicated area where you can access your Achievement Ladder, learning activities and support.

Achievement Ladder

The Achievement Ladder is central to your learning, this innovative new approach allows both you and us to monitor your progress. It is a series of steps that build in complexity and scope towards mirroring the actual exam format. It identifies strengths and weaknesses as it tests your knowledge through regular assessments. You are provided with either instant feedback or a number of the assessments that are expert marked, so you will receive personalised feedback and an explanation of any incorrect answers, for you to assess your knowledge and progress.

Learning Activities

Programme content is broken into topics with over 7 exam's worth of questions for each paper via tutor-led recordings and explanations that can be accessed 24/7 as and when you need them.


All of our tutors are qualified and have worked in industry, practice or public services. It is their use of real-life examples to put technical subjects in a practical context that give BPP courses the edge. They have one aim - for you to pass first time.

Programme Advisors

Focused on your success, Programme Advisors provide an additional level of support if you are studying via the Online Classroom. If you miss or fail a step on the Achievement Ladder our Programme Advisors will direct you to the relevant areas of support to help you get back on track.

Focus Sessions

These optional live webinars cover specific problems including technical areas and key exam-related topics. If you are stuck on individual topic or question areas, you can opt to go through these again during one of these live tutor led sessions.

My Calendar

The calendar has been designed to give you a clear approach to your studies and help you manage your time. Within the calendar you can add the key dates for your lectures, focus sessions, and Achievement Ladder step deadlines. You can even export to your personal calendar so you have all your key dates in one place.

My Groups

Interaction with other students on the same programme along with BPP's expert tutors, where specific questions and related topics can be discussed.

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Levels of Study

ACCA levels

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification is a globally recognised accountancy qualification. It is a badge of quality and professionalism, and ensures that your knowledge and skills are of the highest professional standard.

Entry requirements

You need a minimum of three GCSEs and two A levels in five separate subjects including maths and English, or equivalent qualifications to start the ACCA qualification. If you don't have the minimum qualifications you can start by registering for Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) and study for one or all of the entry-level qualifications. There are three qualifications, and you can start at any level.

The ACCA qualification consists of four modules:

Knowledge Module

The Knowledge Module is made up of three papers and introduces you to the core areas of financial and management accounting as well as general business principles and theories. They are assessed either by Computer Based Exams (available on demand) or by paper based exams in March, June, September and December.

F1 - Accountant in Business

  • Business organisation, structure, governance and management
  • Environmental influences and constraints on business and accounting
  • History and role of accounting in business
  • Specific functions of accounting and internal financial control
  • Leading and managing individuals and teams

F2 - Management Accounting

  • The nature and purpose of cost and management accounting
  • Cost classification, behaviour and purpose
  • Business mathematics and electronic spreadsheets
  • Cost-accounting techniques
  • Short-term decision making techniques

F3 - Financial Accounting

  • The context and purpose of financial reporting
  • The qualitative characteristics of financial information and the fundamental bases of accounting
  • The use of double entry and accounting systems
  • Recording transactions and events
  • Preparing a trial balance
  • Preparing basic financial statements
  • The basics of group accounting

Skills module

The papers, with the exception of F4, are assessed by three-hour written exams, in March, June, September and December. F4 is a two hour exam, and the English and Global variants are also available as a Computer Based Exam on Demand. BPP recommends sitting F4 as a computer based exam if possible to benefit from increased flexibility and instant results.

F4 - Corporate and Business Law

Develops your skills and knowledge of the general legal framework relating to business.

F5 - Performance Management

Teaches you how to apply management accounting techniques to quantitative and qualitative information. It builds on the knowledge gained in paper F2, so you will need to re-familiarise yourself with topics such as absorption and marginal costing. When booking any BPP Online Classroom Live or Online Classroom programme you will get FREE online access to the - Assumed Knowledge - (topics covered in F2 that you see again in F5) through MyBPP, your online learning environment.

F6 Taxation

Helps you to develop knowledge and skills relating to the tax system, as it applies to individuals and companies.

F7 - Financial Reporting

Enables you to prepare, present, analyse and interpret financial statements which conform to UK standards. It builds on the knowledge gained in paper F3. So if you are exempt from F3, you are advised to revise double entry techniques before attending the F7 course. If booking any BPP In Centre classroom, Online Classroom Live or Online Classroom course you will get FREE online access to the - Assumed Knowledge- (topics covered in F3 that you see again in F7) through MyBPP, your online learning environment.

F8 - Audit and Assurance

Develops your knowledge and understanding of the process and application of undertaking an audit assurance engagement.

F9 Financial Management

Gives you an understanding of what is expected of a financial manager, including issues affecting investment and financing.

Essentials module

Explores advanced professional skills, techniques and values that you will require to act as an expert accountant in an advisory or consultancy role at senior level. They are assessed by three-hour written exams, in March, June, September and December.

P1 - Governance, Risk and Ethics

Teaches you how to apply relevant knowledge, skills and judgment gained from previous papers when carrying out the role of an accountant.

P2 - Corporate Reporting

Teaches you how to evaluate financial reporting principles and practices. It builds on the knowledge gained in papers F3 and F7. When you book the P2 course either through our Online Classroom Live or Online Classroom you will be given FREE online access to BPPs Assumed Knowledge resources for covering F7, to help you get back up to speed for P2.

P3 - Business Analysis

Teaches you how to apply knowledge and skills gained from previous papers to the assessment and implementation of business strategy.

Options module

As the forth level set of exams in the qualification, where you choose two papers from four options, allowing you to specialise according to your chosen career path. They are assessed by three-hour written exams, in March, June, September and December.

P4 - Advanced Financial Management

This module gives you an understanding of what is expected of a senior financial executive, in terms of the financial management of an organisation, building on topics first visited in paper F9.

P5 - Advanced Performance Management

Teaches you how to evaluate business performance through the application of strategic management accounting techniques. It builds on the topics seen in paper F5.

P6 - Advanced Taxation

This paper teaches you how to apply relevant knowledge and skills gained from paper F6 to evaluate the impact of major taxes, focusing on the financial decisions of both individuals and organisations. As part of this module we provide introductory chapters to help you to master any rule changes that may have occurred since you last studied taxation.

P7 - Advanced Audit and Assurance

Teaches you how to obtain, plan, control and conclude both audit and assurance engagements, building on the topics covered by paper F8.

One programme per Computer Based Exam (F1 –F4).

Our experience in helping over 2,275 students pass their computer based exams every year has enabled us create this enhanced solution. Our fully integrated programmes are based around early and ongoing testing to reinforce learning, enabling you to feel comfortable in the exam and achieve a pass. We are so confident in our programmes that all of our F1-F4 programmes are Lifetime Pass Assured, guaranteed*.

Key features

  • Programmes can be studied at your own pace; however they are designed to take between 6 and 8 weeks, covering the entire syllabus and including the final exam
  • Specifically designed around exam style and the skills required
  • No need for Revision courses – you decide when you sit the exam
  • Access to expert ACCA tutors with course and industry experience
  • Mirrors the types and format of exam questions throughout the programme, helping you learn and adapt technique
  • Access to comprehensive online learning activities and resources with over 7 exam’s worth of questions for each paper and expert led pre-recorded lectures
  • Exam standard questions from the start to ensure you can learn and enhance your technique, building confidence step-by-step using the Achievement Ladder to exam success

Pass Ready Solution (F5 - P7)

Our recommended approach for paper based exams is our Pass Ready Solution. BPP's Pass Ready Solution puts you in the best position for passing your ACCA exams by giving you the practice and preparation you need. We offer our Pass Ready Solution through our award winning Online Classroom Live. Our Pass Ready Solution includes a Taught course, Revision course and Exam Practice course, and comes with free Lifetime Pass Assurance*, which means if you are unsuccessful in an exam you can return to the study programme as many times as necessary. All our paper based exams offer our three step approach as separate components. This ensures you have a clear path to the fixed exam sitting.

Taught Course

Taught Courses offer the perfect foundation on which to prepare for the exam. As well as guiding you through all the key topics, you can make an early start on seeing how topics are examined, and how you should apply knowledge to real exam questions.

Our Taught Courses provide:

  • Access to expert ACCA tutors with course and industry experience
  • Access to the a comprehensive suite of online learning activities and a comprehensive range of questions
  • Guidance through all key exam topics and better understanding on how each topic will be tested
  • Advice on how to apply knowledge to real exam questions
  • ACCA Approved Content

Revision Course

Revision Courses help you to focus on skills and techniques to understand what the examiner is asking for. In recent exam sittings, pass rates have shown that students are more likely to pass their exam if they attend a Revision Course in addition to a Taught Course. Book a Revision course and benefit from:

  • An understanding of what the examiner is looking for
  • How to spot the easy marks
  • Practical techniques to improve time management
  • The opportunity to practice questions with full support from the tutor
  • Access to expert ACCA tutors with course and industry experience
  • Access to a comprehensive suite of online learning
  • Flexible study options
  • A full range of exam skills and techniques
  • A comprehensive Practice and Revision Kit
  • All supported by steps on the Achievement Ladder to track your progress, whatever mode of study you choose

Exam Practice Course

Our Exam Practice Courses allows you to rehearse for the big day by attempting a real exam-standard, mock exam providing you with the chance to:

  • Take a mock exam under real examination conditions written by our ACCA exam experts
  • Receive 1:1 feedback from tutors/markers
  • Understand where your knowledge gaps are, and how you can improve your exam technique
  • Discuss performance and next steps with our expert ACCA tutors

With pass rates consistently above the ACCA Global average, we're proud of the quality of our education and training. But we're also proud of the peace of mind we offer students with our free Pass Assurance˘. If you book a Taught and Revision course together for Skills, Options and Essentials levels our Pass Assurance will protect you if you fail the exam on your first attempt.

Additional ways to study F5-P7

You can choose to study Skills, Options and Essentials via the Online Classroom. Ideal if you want the flexibility of studying whenever and wherever you want, combined with the support of a dedicated tutor.

All ACCA Online Classroom courses include:

  • Access to expert ACCA tutors with course and industry experience
  • Access to a comprehensive suite of online learning activities and a comprehensive range of questions
  • ACCA Approved Content
  • All supported by steps on the Achievement Ladder to track your progress
  • Support from our team of Programme Advisors
  • Free Pass Assurance˘

Entry Requirements

Our ACCA course has multiple entry routes, allowing everyone from school leavers to established professionals to pursue the qualification. And if you have prior experience in some of the ACCA subject areas, you might be exempt from certain papers within the Fundamentals Level modules.

It's important to note that students need to be registered with the ACCA in order to sit an exam with BPP, but don't need to be registered to be booked on to a course. To register with ACCA, please contact them directly on 0141 582 2000.

International ACCA students planning to study Full Time must be registered with the ACCA before they are enrolled on to a course with BPP. This is due to home office requirements. More information on our Full Time ACCA can be found here

Minimum entry requirements

The minimum ACCA entry requirements are two A-Levels and three GCSEs - or equivalent - in five separate subjects, including English and Mathematics.

International entry requirements

The international entry requirements for the ACCA are set by the awarding body. Students will need to have completed IELTS tests in order to gain admission, and the required score will depend on which country you are from.

Foundations in Accountancy

If you do not meet the minimum entry requirements to start the ACCA Qualification, you will need to apply for Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) and take some or all of the awards. On completion of the Diploma in Accounting and Business, you can transfer to the ACCA Qualification at paper F4 (claiming exemptions from papers F1, F2 and F3).

ACCA entry for graduates

If you have a relevant degree from a university accredited by ACCA, you may be eligible for exemption from up to nine exams at the Fundamentals Level - meaning you can progress straight to the Professional level.

ACCA paper exemptions

Even if your qualification isn't from an ACCA-accredited institution, you may still be eligible for paper exemptions. Check the ACCA exemptions enquiry database to find out how many exemptions you can claim.

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Upgrade With Our Pass Ready Solution

Increase your chance of passing with our BPP Pass Ready Solution, which combines a Taught Course, Revision Course and Exam Practice Course and save £70.

  • TAUGHT COURSE - Expert tutors will provide you with the technical knowledge you need and show you how to apply it to exam questions.
  • TAUGHT COURSE - Revision courses concentrate on the application of knowledge, and focus you on exam skills and techniques through supported question practice.
  • EXAM PRACTICE COURSE - A full mock exam with specific feedback from markers to identify problem areas and knowledge gaps before the real day.

Book all three together and save £70 and get Lifetime Pass Assurance, enabling you to return to any number of Taught Courses, Revision Courses and Exam Practice Courses until you pass.

Pass Ready Solution is available via the Online Classroom Live only. The online classroom option already has all three built in.

To book the Pass Ready Solution call xxx by 24th August 2013 for CIMA and 28th September 2013 for ACCA.

* Based on a comparison of BPP students taking Taught, Revision and Question Day vs. taught only for ACCA. Subject to terms and conditions.

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* Full terms and conditions apply The new Lifetime Pass Assurance Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion run by any BPP group company. No cash alternative available.

**Full terms and conditions apply To qualify for ten Professional Development with BPP Professional Education Limited (“BPP PE”) free of charge, two ACCA papers must be booked at the same time. Only certain online Professional Development Courses apply.

˘ Full terms and conditions apply Pass Assurance cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion run by any BPP group company. No cash alternative available.